Bettina Huber

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About Me

I have been working at Sentience since 2023, where I head up communications and fundraising. In my day-to-day work, I am committed to ensuring that the interests of non-human animals are brought to the centre of society. Before that, I worked for two and a half years as PR and Communications Manager at Swissveg. In my dissertation project, I discussed the question of what is meant by the concept of dignity and whether this concept can also be applied to non-human animals in my dissertation project. As a counterbalance to this work, I go for long walks with my dog Csikita whenever possible. I also take my camera with me, to photograph all kinds of animals and, on hikes, landscapes. My third passion is baking! Pies, tarts, cakes and much more - always vegan, of course. I also have a lot of fun decorating the little works of art.